Fun things found by running strings on the 39gII emulator


It looks like none of this actually works, but...

Probably just a coincidence, I mean, there's other stuff that looks like that and has other characters that appear to mean nothing.

RPN loop
Boucle en mode RPN
Um... what... (This is in what appears to be a list of commands with their associated English and French descriptions, and there's no actual associated command here, it seems (although I need to look closer.))

RPN mode (Reversed Polish Mode)
Mode RPN (saisie polonaise inverse)
Well then. (However, that command is taken as a syntax error.)



RPN_LOCAL must have at least 3 args
RPN_FOR must have at least 4 args
RPN_WHILE must have at least 2 args
RPN_CASE must have at least 1 arg
RPN_UNTIL must have at least 2 args

RPN-specific looping constructs, as well as an RPN-specific local variable assignment? Very, very interesting.

Edit: Not as interesting as I thought. They just left Giac's in. (Funnily enough, they also left Giac's in. That's right, there's code for simulating TI-89 behavior in the 39gII, that's just sitting there doing nothing.)

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No, it wasn't "left in", rather there are so many inter dependencies scattered through everything you actually can't remove large groups of files because things depend on something somewhere.

Kind of surprised a lot wasn't automatically stripped out though...


Fair enough. (But, it does mean that if for some reason you start running out of ROM space, there's some fairly low-hanging fruit to strip out.)


I just read a quote, on another forum, regarding the HP Prime, by GT Springer (HP Education Solutions Architect):

"The architecture is based on the HP-39gII; it does have HP Apps, and it incorporates a CAS in a very different way from competitors."

So does the HP Prime have "code for simulating TI-89 behaviour" too?


There is no code for simulating anything. As far as I can tell, there is an option to use "ti89" syntax, "maple" syntax and so on in xcas, but really it just seems to be limited to a few command synonyms and some basic programing structure things and is not really useful.

It has nothing to do with returning identical results or exhibiting identical behavior - just a shallow wrapper over the top.



Yeah, it's not a full-blown TI-89 emulator in any way, shape, or form, simply a TI-89/92-like parser for Giac. (Funnily enough, it actually has code to deal with the case of someone passing 68k asm to it (it returns an error message saying that asm isn't implemented, and I found that one in the 39gII emulator (and ROM image) trying to find any obvious references to asm programming on it. I had a sad when I found that that message was a Giac string).)

And, it doesn't ever have to be exposed by HP.

Edited: 14 May 2013, 1:51 p.m.


A priori, RPN will be available in application in a future version...


News to me...



To be fair, has Mic ever gotten a single exclusive rumor about the Prime or 39gII right? (And I'm not counting the, "we found an online store selling it, and here's what they say the specs are" thing, where he actually was right about color and touchscreen, because that wasn't an actual exclusive, that was just linking to someone else. And, the entire rest of that one was saying it was a color, touchscreen 50g, which wasn't the case at all.)

That said, an RPN mode for the 39gII would be nice. But I wouldn't expect it (none of its predecessors had RPN, after all), and it may end up cannibalizing Prime sales (for those that want RPN, but only need 39gII-level functionality).


It was an online store who copied the HP 50g features. Not me.


And, the other things that you got from that source (about it being color and touchscreen), were the only things that you got right about the Prime. And that wasn't even a scoop, because that source was already public.

(That said, I'd be unsurprised if HP was the original source of that error - last I checked, HP had a comparison page that showed the same copy-and-pasted 50g specs, with color and touchscreen added.)


and ? what are your searching for bhtooefr ?

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