The 'Complete' Collection


Well, after many years of hunting down all the rare and desirable items, I am going to take a rest from collecting for a while. I thought i'd share a few facts on my COLLECTION with you.

Some notable recent additions:

HP-18C clear cased prototype

HP 80 & 70 (both are for sale on ebay right now)

HP 20S green and brown versions

HP 27 & 27S

HP-71B with great overlay

Rare blue key HP-12C

Lloyds Novus 850

The top 3 most viewed photos in the collection are:

HP 12C collection

Casio FX-850P

Clear cased HP-28S

Most favorited photo: HP-12C collection (newer)

Enjoy!! Cheers, Keith


Very impressive. Blown away by the blue HP-12C and the clear cased HP-28S.


Thanks Dave.
I think I am like many of us on this forum - I started out with a few HP's that I used for work (engineering), so probably had about 5 calculators and pocket computers that were respected and well used. Then I inherited my grandfather's slide rule collection (again, a working collection) and realised how things had changed. I then became interested in collecting the HP35 and everything else ...

What I didn't expect was the evolution of the collection to include prototypes and other rarities. I really have to thank many of you for this journey, as i've met many of you through this forum - some of you have donated items to me, others have pointed me in the right direction, and some have been wonderful supporters.

It became important to me to document the collection through photographs - this all started with THIS PHOTO of the evolution of the HP-17B. I uploaded it for a forum article using another web upload service. Then I thought i'd use Flickr as it's easy (and i'm into PHOTOGRAPHY as well). I have been surprised how popular the photos have been.

So thank you all for your support.

Cheers, Keith

Edited: 11 May 2013, 9:01 p.m.


Some more facts:

The collection is organised into sets. The most popular sets are:


2. HP 12C SET





7. HP 15C SET




Then the rest.


is a 10B in the green/purple colour scheme rare?


Very nice collection! I got such a 20S in green and purple as well. Seems that was the time when HP thought that would be more attractive then blue and gold but forgot about ergonomics.



Robert, the green variants of the 10B and 20B are much harder to find, so in that sense they are 'rare'. They were made in Indonesia. I suspect they decided to offer the 'latest' color scheme in line with the change from the 48S to 48G series colour schemes. I simply think that there were fewer green variants made compared to the original orange/blue versions.


Sometimes, I'm sorry I used my complete HP-70 kit as a raffle prize in HHC 2006.

Then I see a picture of it and no. No I'm not sorry. Enjoy the sublime aesthetic horror of it, Richard!


Yes Richard won it in 2006. I could have also won it, but chose Eric Smith's voucher for the future nonparareil (sp?) machines.


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