wp34sflashcmd Linux problem



I now have everything together to start flashing; however when I try to do

./wp34sflashcmd  wp34s/real/calc_full.bin /dev/ttyS0
I get
./wp34sflashcomd: symbol lookup error: ./wp34scmd: undefined symbol: _ZN13QElapsedTimer5startEv
The system is a Debian 6.0.7; ldd shows that all libraries are resolved (QtCore is 4.6.3).

How can I solve this? Is there a source version of wp34sflashcmd that I can compile myself?

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Either install a more version of Qt, i.e. at least a 4.7 or try to compile the current version against you Qt 4.6 with no guarantee.
Everything in on sourceforge, the source code, instructions...

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