Trading TI Nspire CX CAS for HP Prime


I can't wait to dump my new TI Nspire CX CAS for the HP Prime when it is released. The Nspire is such a disappointing product with pretty much no focus on programability. The workspace methodology makes some sense, but I don't want my calculator to be like my PC. I have a PC for that.

Anyway, I am ridiculously excited for the HP Prime. Who wants to buy an Nspire? ;)


How much e you paying to get rid of it?




Agree with the Nspire. I've been given two over the years, usually due to people going back to their TI-89's (which are still far superior) and not being able to shift them.

Still have an Nspire CAS lying around (the one with the horrible little green buttons on it and the clickpad) for the sake of reminding me not to buy a new one in the future.

Annoyingly, the calculator side of things itself isn't all that bad but the whole user interface and menu system is vapid and painful to use. Oh and if you leave it for more than a few days it has to start up which takes longer than my laptop.

Best TI I used was a 92 which I found a plus upgrade for on eBay.

As for the prime, it seems a little close to the Nspire for me. I'll wait until an emulator is available before I buy one, if I do.

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