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I have some very stubborn particles on the inside of the display lens of my 11C. Usually I use compressed air or a thin piece of laminated paper to clean it, but this material has some stick to it. I think my 2 options are to either remove the PCB by breaking the melted rivets, or, by removing the brushed aluminum faceplate which contains the plastic lens. I don’t think anyone has a good solution to reattaching the PCB, so I figured I try getting in through the faceplate. I'm assuming there's glue holding it in place. Is it possible to remove it without destroying the faceplate? Is there a better way? Thanks,



The front bezel is held on with double sided sticky tape. I would try wetting a strong thread with the solvent heptane (small bottles are sold under the name UnDu) at most hardware and office supply stores). It causes any adhesive to loose it's stick for a short time. Use the thread like a cheese slicer to get under the bezel and the adhesive.


It's ways safer to open the calc from behind,
and cut off or heaten the heat stakes,
then angling out the PCB to remove the dust.
If you're lucky your unit has a separate PCB for the display,
which means you don't need to hassle around with the stakes.

If you try to remove the bezel from the front side,
you are very likely to get some deformations on it,
which you'll never get away afterwards.

So you have to decide if you want to take the eays and ugly way from the front, or the hardder but technically and cosmetically better way from behind;-)



Is the 2 way tape over the entire surface, or just in certain locations? Has anyone successfully removed the bezel?

I agree with Raymond, that coming in from the back is better from a cosmetic perspective. My concern is that there's not a good way to reattach the PCB which will cause a "spongy" feel to the keyboard. Has there been a solution to this problem?




do you know if hp uses the same sticky stuff on both voyagers and pioneers? i have removed the faceplate from a 32sii by soaking it in wood alcohol for a day and then going at it slowly. i didn't make any wrinkles, but i didn't fix the problem either. i also removed the 32's back. having tried both, i must say that like most situations; being more natural :-) the front is the way to go.

since my unit is still not working i have not re-attached the faceplate. i am following your thread in hopes that you will learn the best way to do that.


I have found that alcohol has a tendency to cloud the display window. Also, I don't know if removing the bezel will help clean the window... I seem to remember it is a separate piece that is glued to the case, not the bezel.


david; you are right. i was so buisy (almost) answering steve's question i forgot that i have a .59 cent 12c without a bezel. i just looked at it and ....... steve; taking it off will not help you. it does not access the display. can you learn to live with the dust?


So you are saying that the window that looks like it's part of the bezel is really not, and that it's glued to the body of the calculator? From your response I'm guessing it may be close to impossible to remove it without damaging it. So, we're back to removing the PCB. Will that allow me to access the inside of the display window? What's the best way to reattach the PCB?



I made good experiences leaving the bottom row (the ones near the ON,f,g,STO,RCL,0,.,+ keys) of heat stakes intact.
If you cut off the other rows of stakes,
you can lever the PCB to a small but sufficient angle to
air out the dust with some photo lens cleaner.
But take note how the battery spring is held in place.

The display is tied to the PCB with two rows of clamps,
so it comes out with the PCB.
Try to avoid to touch the pink rubber contact rails.
No need to remove the display here.
After cleaning the display glass from dust,
you can simply swing the PCB in place, set the battery spring, and close the case by fastening the screws.

This way you won't have a loose keyboard,
which you would have if you removed all rows of stakes.

Hope this helps,


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