Emu42 class registration failed


Hi all!

I have now, finally, got hold of a copy of Visual Studio and I am trying to compile the alpha version of Emu42 that was posted at this forum by Christoph Giesselink a few weeks ago.
However, although it all compiles fine it exits at one of the
very first lines of the code when it (I guess) tries to register the main window - and returns with the message: "CEMu42 class registration failed"

I know a fair bit of C/C++ but very little of specific windows programming so any hints of what can be wrong would be highly appreciated!?

Christoph says in his posting that "with additional work it
will be possible to use the MinGW package for it" - any clues
of what kind of work he is suggesting?

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling

(Please remove NOSPAM from my email address if you answer by email!)


I guess that I am doing something fundamentally wrong... the same thing happens when I try to build Emu48 from the source code ("CEmu48 class registration failed")...

Anyone that has successfully built Emu48 from the source code? What am I doing wrong?


Hello Eric,

I compiled Emu48 with MSCV++ v5.0 (SP3), v6.0 and .net (v7.0) without problems. The official binary distribution is compiled with v6.0 SP1. Some development I done with v6.0 SP5. The SP of the compiler doesn't matter.

I created Emu42 under v5.0 and v6.0 without problems. To your question about MinGW. The "additial work" is a new makefile, a modified Emu42.rc file, and a modified PCH.H file for the workarounds. For Emu48 I'm doing the additional work, the MinGW additional files can be found on my Emu48 homepage. The biggest problem of the MinGW compiler package is the resource compiler "windres". It's not "hust, arrgh" --- up to date.



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