[43S] Display and top row, refined


That's the state of the art now:

The menu LOG is displayed in the softkey sector.



I always stumble over LN1+x. There isn't enough space to put two brackets in, is there?


I wonder why??

        (LN(1)) + x = 0 + x = x

Kind of pointless.

The LN(1+x) function is absolutely vital to producing correct results for many financial and statistical computations.

- Pauli


Pauli, of course I am aware that (LN1)+x would be completely pointless.

Still my brain would like to see LN(1+x) instead of LN1+x.


There isn't enough space to put two brackets in, is there?

Yes it isn't.



What if you used the smaller font? Maybe LN(1+x) or ln(1+x)


What about: x1+LN ?


What's about LNP1 such as on HP-28/48/49/50 soft keys ?






It's looking very nice! Two questions:

1. Is there a symmetry (or other) reason for having x^2 as the primary function and SQRT as the yellow-shifted function instead of the opposite? I generally just do ENTER *. This is easy, and it's very rare (when I'm worried about losing something from the top of the stack) that I use x^2. In contrast, there's no way around SQRT.

2. I thought in the last thread you had settled on leaving the top row blank, rather than labeling them F1 ... F6. Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but I left that discussion contemplating how I might re-label (engrave?, paint?) the top row keys. "Factory" labels won't preclude that (unless the keys are double-shot!), just add a step.



I agree that I'd much rather have sqrt as the unshifted function.

Some time back I requested that the top row keys have no legends, rather than F1..F6, but at the time I don't think anyone else expressed support for that idea.


IMO of course.


Just look at the new HP Prime keys. Of course that may be necessary though not sufficient.



Hey, I expect you guys to fix the things HP gets wrong. :-)


Yes, I'd say HP missed on that one. I'd be curious as to any reasoning for the change from past efforts (15C, 42S, 48G, 35s, etc.). To my thinking, they tinkered with something that worked and ended up with a less useful result.



It makes sense if you are targeting students. x^2 unquestionably is used more there then sqrt based on all data I've ever examined.

Personally, I think it is stupid since it is just a ^ 2 but there you go.


And, Tim is almost certainly correct...for students.

Having two keys for x^2 and x^y pains me, but there you go. :-)

However, for the 43S, we face no such constraints! lol


OK, fair enough: it's one difference between a tool optimized for teaching/learning and a tool optimized for professional use.

Targeting the intended market makes sense in the case of the Prime and the 43S. HP will (hopefully) sell more Primes to students, while the 43S is targeted squarely at a small subset of professionals/enthusiasts who understand the other ways to get to x^2.



x^2 as primary is plain wrong for a RPN/RPL machine. Surely sqrt should be there.


Looks good. The screen looks sharp.


Assume x^2 and SQRT swapped.


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