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I remember when I bought my HP15C that I was given a t-shirt with a Newton's caricature drawing (he was holding a paper-made plane). I know others were drawn, as Einstein and Da Vinci. I remember I begged for an Einstein's poster, with an HP71B photo attached, at one of the Hewlett-Packard's office, but my request was denied.

Does anybody know where I can find these images to download? Or, in a particular case, would anyone that have these posters scan them and send the images to my e-mail address? I know they are big, and one single scan will not be enough, so I'll expect parts of them to build the final image.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


luiz; you gave me a thought. can you picture einstein, newton, archimedes, gauss, descartes, galileo or leibniz using a casio (or a new hp) if your old 15 was lying around? hell, i don't even want to do arithmetic without rpn. i realize these guys did a lot of their work in the abstract world but still....


My impression was that it was math in an all-too-real world. The word "calculator" used to refer to an *occupation* (I'll bet it was better than being a miner or a sailor in those days), must have been mind-numbing, but at least not physically dangerous. And what we do in seconds took them months. Praise Bill & Dave :).


When we (my brother and I) bought our HP-41CX, we got an Einstein Poster.
We mounted it and it put it in our student´s room.
I have it in very good condition. You can see it in my home page:
and better:

I plan to take a new photo of it (too large for scan), with better quality as soon as possible.



Ola, Guilhermo;

gracias; this is what I was talking about. If I am not wrong, there is one poster like this with an image (photo) of an HP71B attached to it.

If you are going to shoot it again, please, let me know. I'd like to have a copy, if you don't mind...

Gracias otra vez.

Regards form Brazil.

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