SpeedBrowser / EQLib Browser for the HP 48S/SX


Hello all,

here's a special version of the SpeedBrowser. This one is for the HP 48S/SX only, and replaces the full screen browser shipped with the Equation Library card for the SX.

The SpeedBrowser is the fastest fully compatible replacement for the full screen browser. Runs on all HP 48 S/SX revisions (A-J). It adds many features, like switching between small or medium fonts, a slider or the direction arrows, User RPL and System RPL interfaces. So you can build your own browser interfaces very easily. This version is self-contained, and doesn't need any additional libraries.

For the 48S Series only. This library is NOT compatible with the SpeedBrowser for the G Series. For the G Series, please use the SpeedBrowser shipped with SpeedUI.

The new version is available here:

SpeedBrowser for the SX

and on www.hpcalc.org once the site will be updated.

Have fun:-)


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