emu48 on pocket pc


Has somebody in this forum any experience in running the WindowsCE-version of the Emu48 emulator?(http://nt.marin.esc.edu.ar/jpla/emu48ce/emu48ce.html)

I am going to buy an PDA (preferably HP Jornada 565) but would be sure the emulator runs safely.

Thanks for any advise,



Try this:


Best regards,



Thank you for the link. I have some hope that the emulator will work on my new Jornada :-)


I'm using it on a J568. It works a treat, if only to remind you why we still need calculators. The lack of tactile feedback and the smaller (calc) screen made the experience far less satisfying that I had been expecting.

The one thing I never got working was plug in RAM cards using files on the PocketPC.


Of course - if you really like your calculator than the PDA emulator is probably only a weak substitue...
But if you have your pocket PC anyway its a nice application to have on it.

This happens with all those gadgets: mobile phone + game boy + camera + gps etc, they try to put it all in one little casket, and nothing really works great because its nearly impossible to use one user interface for all apps
- I doubt if this will be the future. But - may be, that's what the mainstream wants (?)

So long
axel (Germany)

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