A Dead 82161A Digital Cassette Drive


Hi all,

I just got a Digital Cassette Drive, and I can’t put it to work.
Hardware I’m using:
41CV and 41CX
HPIL module
AC Adapter 82059B
1 fully charged battery 82033A
1 discharged battery 82033A

My tests and results:
Case 1: Fully charged battery + AC Adapter. No LEDs are on, “Transmission Error” on DIR
Case 2: Discharged battery + AC Adapter. No LEDs are on, “Transmission Error” on DIR.
Case 3: Fully charged battery only. No LEDs are on, “Transmission Error” on DIR.
Case 4: AC Adapter only. BAT LEDs is on, “Transmission Error” on DIR

I tried with both calculators, and had the same results.
The HPIL interface is working because I can use it to control a 82162A Printer with no error.
Any ideas? Can anyone fix it (preferably in US)?

Thanks a lot,



The fact that the power LED never comes on suggests to me that the +5V power supply rail is missing. This would also account for the TRANSMIT ERR message, since the HPIL interface chip isn't being powered.
If you have electronics experience, I can tell you what to test inside the drive. It is most likely to be a fairly simple repair.
Alas I'm in the UK or I'd offer to take a look at it for you.

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