Update of Emu71 to v1.04


So the questions about calculator speed and sound samples for the HP71B are coming to an end. Here's the result.

Emu71 v1.04 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

Changes to v1.04:

  • native sound support (true emulation) over the OUT=C opcode
  • TNX to Franz for fixing his KMI keyboard include files

Also a big TNX to Gerson. He pushed me with his question about sound output on Emu71 to continue my work on sound emulation I quit 10 years ago when I tried to implement this on Emu48.

To activate the sound emulation you must remove all ROM beep patches in your KML files please. Finally you should power cycle all your HP71B sessions to initialize the CSPEED calculator RAM variable to a reasonable clock speed value.



Thanks for the update. Came just in time as I wrote a submarine hunt program for the HP-71B (and the HP-41CX and the Sharp PC-1350) and needed the BEEP command to work to give an audible notification when either the player or the calculator scored a hit.



Sounds good. :)


BTW: You emphasise on _true emulation_. So what I hear is real, not simulated. I am virtually certain.


Waiting Emu48 sound emulation thanks =)

I tried the serial port emulation of emu48PocketPC and Emu48 with a PC, calculator and microcontroller and it works perfect =), I'll upload some videos soon ...

Request: Please new keyword for Lcd: Grid INTEGER

0 == without gride, >0 == number of pixels of separation between pixels

LCD command block




Vertical INTEGER




To increase the realism of the LCD must separate the pixels, the pixels on a computer screen are close together, while a Real calculator not, as the following image

Good idea to be implemented on emulators?


Edited: 17 Apr 2013, 9:01 a.m.



You show a very nice photo of a very ugly display. The gaps between the pixels are too big, the dpi quite low, so I do have problems to read this display.

You suggest a variable gap between pixels.
i) Which HP calculator does offer a similar feature?
ii) In the photo you show the display-"dots" are about 12x12 pixels (of the photo), the gaps about 4 pels wide, so the ratio is ~3/1. As the gap can not be smaller than one pixel the minimum dot+gap space will be 4x4 pixels. To get smaller gaps you must draw bigger dots, 4+1 or 5+1 (dot+gap). Now multiply this with the display resolution of an HP48 to get the virtual calculator's screen size, next zoom a photo of the calculator accordingly so the emulator's display fits nicely. And now tell me if your CRT or monitor or LCD projector or whatever you use with your PC has a big enough resolution to show all calculator keys you need to get any use out of it.

To simulate the display as close as possible to the original is not trivial. Some calculators have "italic" numbers, have a small slant angle. To make an illusion of this on your PC screen with only upright pixels you need halftone rendering. What leads to another long term pipe dream: stepless zooming. Rusty Wagner's vTI offers this feature, alas with a somewhat poor rendering so only discrete zoom factors are useful.

BTW, I do not know where to get a good rendering algorithm (even the Paint Shop Pro I use offers serval for resizing photos) and if I had one I would not know how to implement it in the calculator emulator. I could immagine to keep a hidden view of the calculator and display it zoomed with a free tool like LXpic.

You see, I have a list of wishes too but not time to get there.



Real LCD can be seen in the following emulators

I send this request to the authors of Graph89, calc92+, Casio PB1000 and was accepted =)

Graph89 (Android-OS) this feature has been incorporated latest version 2013

calc92+ (Android-OS) latest version 2013


Casio PB1000

Edited: 17 Apr 2013, 3:19 p.m.



implement Zoomxy on Emu48, with this feature I can see better a LCD small screens PocketPC (240*320)pxls


Edited: 17 Apr 2013, 3:26 p.m.


"Things that make me wanna say Hmmm..." C+C Music Factory

Well, what you'd like to show with all this examples?
i) which one looks closest to the original?
ii) which one is the most useful?



Sorry, I am _not_ the author of Emu48, so I am not in possition to accept or decline your request, I only added my 0,02$.


BTW, the only SW currently available from me is this. Ah, no... Angel Martin used something in his compilations for the HP41 :)

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