I have a HP41CX in pretty good condition. I have used it for perhaps 15 years as a backup marine navigation calculator using the HP NavPac.

The coper foil battery contacts have become worn and are beginning to short out causing the LCD display to fade in and out. Is there anyway to fix the foil contacts? Is there a way to replace them without destroying another calculator?




This has been discussed in the past by a few of us. I'll just point you to one of my previous posts about it.

Post on repairing battery contacts.


As an alternative to the technique given in the previous post, I've used adhesive-backed copper tape without soldering. My old 41cx (which had some corrosion too) has been working fine ever since. The a special copper tape with electrically conductive adhesive backing (made by Chomerics...we use it for EMI testing).

If you would like, email me your address and I'll send a few strips of it in the mail to you. Its 1" wide and you can easily cut it with sissors to fit. Then just peal off the backing and stick it in place.

Make sure you don't use aluminum tape since it could cause bi-metallic corrosion.


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