HP-12C Primer


I've posted a brief primer on the HP-12C. The picture is mine, however much of the info was gathered from various sources.
Article is here: HP-12C Primer


Great technical information. Despite all the internal and manufacturing changes, the HP 12C is still selling big.


Very informative!

I think the HP-12C survives because of it's great design and elegant packaging combined with a simple interface. Financial guys don't want to waste time messing with menus and cryptic instructions. They want to be able to get answers on the fly without a lot of fuss. Also want something that feels well made and durable.

While there is no question the Voyager series is better made than the Spice series, I have to say my favorite is the predecessor to the 12C, the HP-38C, which is almost functionally identical ( but without the bond and depreciation functions). Despite its flimsy packaging, I like the 38C's vertical design so I can use it in my hand. However, with it's flimsy design and terrible battery performance, it's no wonder it was replaced by the HP-12C.

It seems HP found a winner in the 12C and it reminds people of the great company HP used to be.


Great presentation!

Contributes very well to the persistence of the good reputation of HP which obviously has been outsourced by the company to their users.

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