hp-30b with free shipping


Of course, it costs $50,000 from this seller on buy.com:

[Image edited to position the seller listing and item description adjacent.]

Hurry so you don't miss out on this deal. :-) .


perhaps the $ is Zimbabwean dollar, which is plagued by hyperinflation, so a few additional zeros don't matter ;-)


Nah, it's the Razorback hog dollar.


I think I'll order two :-)


What is the smallest denomination cruzeiro ?


In the original cruzeiro (from 1942 to 1967), it was the 10-cent coin. But the cruzeiro had at least two other versions before being extinct in 1993(I had to look up at Wikipedia -- Brazilian cruzeiro). Later I remember there were 5-cruzeiro coins, but they were worth close to nothing. From '82 to '94 when the Real eventually replaced the cruzado, I collected about 40 bills like the ones in the pictures. They made into my collection when their value dropped to about the price of a bus ticket, except the last one, the bill on top, which was equivalent to US$ 18.18 when it was retired from circulation. I got this one from the bank in the nick of time. I should have taken a few more: now they sell for US$ 100 or more :-)


... when the Real eventually replaced the cruzado ...

Pun intended?



No. BTW, have you ever noticed that when people say "no pun intended" they usually mean the other way around? :-)


Pity! Cruzado cruzeiro would have been a good one.



Amazing what people do for a good pun:


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