The HP Graphers 48SX - 50G


Thought you guys might get a kick out of this pic, lined them all up and did the same polar plot.
HP Graphers Pic

The camera is a bit deceiving. Believe it or not, the HP 49G+ here has the clearest, easiest to read screen, followed by the HP48GX black LCD version, and then the 50G probably gets the nod after that. I can't really explain why the 50G screen is worse than the 49G+, considering they are the same in almost every way, but it is. Different coating or background to it or something - more yellowish and definitely not as crisp. :-(
If I could have the 49G+ screen with the 50G keys, I would be happy!


Very nice setup indeed. Thanks for sharing.



I have both a 49G+ and a 50G.
Both screens are clear, but I confirm my 49G+ is clearest

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Hey now, where's the 28C/S?


Beautiful picture! Look how blue the picture on the 48SX is.

Jedidiah, is this the start of a new web page?


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"If I could have the 49G+ screen with the 50G keys, I would be happy!" If I could have the 48GX keys with the 50G speed, I'd be pretty ecstatic!


Speed? 50g isn't fast... ;-P



Hardly can wait for the 53cg :-)


The screen and speed of the 50g, keyboard and keys of 48G in 48SX colors would get my vote.


The HP49G+ might appear to be better than the HP50G screen because the 50G is further to the right. I bet that you would get a slightly different result if both machines were directly beneath the camera with equal lighting as opposed to being photographed from an angle. (The screens probably have some polarization that affects the results.)


Hi Han, what I meant was that in using them, the 49G+ screen is more crisp. Better separation from the background, which is more cream color, compared to the 50G which has a more yellowish tint. Furthermore, the 50G pixels look slightly fuzzy if that makes sense almost just slightly out of focus compared to the 49G+ unit I have. It probably has something to do with a slight change in the plastic overlay? Just guessing. This 49G+ is a good, late model one thought - the keys are nice, although not quite as good as the 50G keys.

Quite honestly, the 50G keys are probably about as close as a modern "all plastic" unit is going to get to the 48GX keys. Just not sure how they could do it any other way?

The 48SX screen looks particularly bad next to that 48GX, but that is a mint, late model with the black LCD and it is head and shoulders above the SX and even the regular G/GX screen. I should probably add in a regular G or G+ model someday with the standard issue blue screen to show the incremental difference.
Can anyone tell me why HP did not switch to the black LCD screen much earlier in production? It does not seem to make sense why they stayed with the blue one so long.

@Eddie - I'm debating making a web page for them, we'll see - haven't completely made up my mind yet. I was going to do it a long time ago but was discouraged by some as there is so much fragmentation already. Perhaps a better way would be to add the later models onto an already excellent site like this?

Lastly, RE: the 28C/S - is this model considered enough of a grapher to include in the list? If so, I may try to source one if not too expensive for the "group photos", etc. The 28C/S was well before my time, so I have never used one. :-)


Yes, the 28C or better the 28S is a grapher. Worth your time / effort to find one, IMO.

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