That is how they should sell the HP 30B :)



And the USB board wired in :-)

Harald, do you still have Li-Po boards in stock ?

I have a couple of requests from friends + my daughters' 34s to upgrade.



The last one I had has just gone into the calculator in the picture.
I have a few bare boards for mini USB connectors (rather than micro USB) left that I could populate. Would that be of interest to you?
How many would you want? I could get a few more (micro USB) boards made, but that would take a couple of weeks.


You say you have a "few" mini USB boards. If it helps, I will commit to also purchasing two of these boards.

You have a PM.

Mark Hardman


Hello Harald,

The mini-Usb is fine for me and I already need 3 anyway.

I'll ask Éric if he can produce a couple of overlays with shifted functions legends on top instead of below (Yuk...) keys.

Herzlichen Dank.



Hello Etienne,

The mini-Usb is fine for me and I already need 3 anyway.

I'll check how many of the mini USB ones I have and get back to you.

I'll ask Éric if he can produce a couple of overlays with shifted functions legends on top instead of below (Yuk...) keys.

I would be interested in a few of those as well.



Interestingly, I hadn't seen any mention of this elsewhere, but the latest HP Solve (#31) actually mentions the 20b and 30b being at or near end of life on page 53:

So, looks like they're not going to sell the 30b at all, soon. (Read: If you want a 34S, might as well get it done now.)

That said, not sure how accurate that is - it also does NOT mention the 12C 30AE or the 15C LE as being EOL, and I thought those were long gone.


Said table also states the HP-20b as being a programmable calculator :-? so I doubt the accuracy of it at all. Nevertheless, signs for EOL of the HP-20b (I don't really care) and HP-30b (I care a lot more) become more frequent. Folks, get your HP-30b's as long as they're available!



The rumors of the 20b and 30b being near or at end-of-life come from a very reliable source. If I wanted one, I definitely wouldn't wait.


That's a good heads up Eric. But if someone misses getting his new one, there will be some that were in a warehouse somewhere that show up, some that were lost in transit to some big chain, and in a couple of years hp will sell off it's warranty replacements. Those slow on the uptake and folks wanting to replace broken ones won't necessarily have to miss out on their wp34. And there's always the flea and ebaby.

Me, I'm wondering when the RE-43 will start selling.





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