Trouble entering a HP35s program line


I hope someone can help me out with this. I found a very useful cashflow program here on the forum but I am struggling with entering the following.
The link lists
C013 EQN CF0,CF1, ,CFN

How do I enter this correctly? I tried doing it by pressing the EQN button and my program line looks like this:

C013 CF0,CF1, ,CFN

However the program runs until this point and stops so I assume this is incorrect. What do I have to do to enter it correctly and display it as

C013 EQN CF0,CF1, ,CFN

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The SF10 in the program causes the machine to display equations, rather than evaluate them. So you should see "CF0,CF1,,CFN" on the top line of your display.

The stopping comes from the line that says "STOP" which (surprisingly) causes the program to stop.

The idea here is that you are given a prompt: Enter CF0, CF1, ..., CFN, pressing R/S (run/stop) after each one.

[If you want to look in the manual, stop is on page 13-19 and SF10 is on page 14-11.]


Thank you so much. I understand the program better now and got it actually working.
Have a good weekend!

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