HPIB Syntax Error at Status command


I have been trying to check an HPIB interface on my HP85 but have been unable to use a single command. For instance Status coomand gives Syntax Error, as if the command was unknown. Does anyone know whther this interface needs some sort of initialization before sending commands?


Do you have an I/O module installed? The status command is provided by that module.


Thanks Paul. I had no idea the IO module was necessary. I only have the matrix module. Unfortuntely i have not found that module for sale outside the USA. I will try to find one elsewhere.


There are other options available, ROM images are readily available, on a couple web sites dedicated to the 80 series and there is a person in the US that is making EPROM boards and I understand he just did another production run, it is called the PRM-85, if you google PRM-85 you can find details. I also designed my own EPROM boards based on an older Lattice CPLD and have made the designs available at Paul's Projects

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