Followup: Regarding 9114a disc drive


I posted a question in this forum on 28 Oct 2002 regarding a HP9114a unit I had just received. With your help I found out that I had the right power supply. Unforunatly, the battery was apparently dead because the fault light was on. So, after a little research, I found that in my location "Interstate Batteries" had an equivalent replacement battery for around 25 $Cdn. I received and install the unit and everything now works fine !

Thanks for your help !




Do you have the Interstate Batteries part number for the battery that you used?

Thanks so much, Tom



the Interstate part number is : Part# SLA0902 (6V 2.8 Ah SLA - Sealed Lead Acid)

url :

but the price on the WEB site seems to be higher that at the retail store.

Regards, Alain



Thanks so much for the information, and regards from just across the border,


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