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I'm wondering if somebody managed it so far to make a HP28C ROM image and use it in Emu28? It's very quiet around this topic.

One remark to the BEEP patch. At the time I wrote the patch I wasn't aware that there are two public ROM versions (1BB, 1CC) of the HP28C. The address in BEEP.28C is only valid for the 1CC revision. I expect that the patch address is somewhere else on rev. 1BB, because all other published entries of 1BB differs from my 1CC.

If somebody wants to make more comfortably ROM Upload programs for Lewis based machines here are the entries of the =OUTBYT ASM entry. The ROM entries may be changed if you have a different ROM revision then I.

- HP17B International (96KB) rev. BB
=OUTBYT EQU #01378 (HP17B) Send character in A[B] over IR

- HP17BII International (96KB) rev. BA
=OUTBYT EQU #01445 (HP17BII) Send character in A[B] over IR

- HP27S English (64KB) rev. B
=OUTBYT EQU #0142E (HP27S) Send character in A[B] over IR

- HP28S (128KB) rev. 2BB
=OUTBYT EQU #01D00 Send character in A[B] over IR

Before calling the first =OUTBYT you must do an initial GOSBVL #01E62 to init the interrupt system.

- HP42S English (64KB) rev. C
=OUTBYT EQU #031C4 (HP42S) Send character in A[B] over IR

I grabbed these entries from my own calculators and used them to make the ROM images. On the Pioneer series calculators the internal memory scanner is perfect to type in self written machine code, on the HP28S I personally use the ASM utility to translate Strings with machine code into System Objects.

BTW, if you really want to make all uploads it's a good idea to buy a family package of LR44 batteries for the Pioneers and a family package of Lady for the Clamshell calculators. ;-) Ops, I forgot the Mirco battery cells if you use a HP48 as receiver.

Happy grabbing,

Christoph Giesselink

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