NCTM Conference in Denver


Anyone attending the NCTM Conference (the main math teachers conference) in Denver (April 17 to 21)?? I am attending. If you are I would like to meet you at the HP booth in the exhibits hall. TI and Casio have booths also. There many book publishers, educators, and software companies like MiniTab and Wolfram Research! The keynote speaker is Mayim Bialik who is a cast member of The Big Bang TV show. TI has hired her as a spokesperson for them.

Richard Nelson had commented to me that it seems the NCTM conference has nowadays become THE conference for exhibiting calculators. So I decided to get there and see for myself. If it turns out to be fun, I will go again next year.



But will you be bring a WP-34S to demonstrate? :-)

- Pauli


Hmmmmmm ... that's a thought! I will grab one of my re-purposed HP-30b.


Good idea! Don't forget to take a manual with you.



I will be there. So will a large number of HP calculator people since NCTM is probably the most important conference for the calculator group and it is in Denver this year near where a large number of us are based.


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See you there Tim!



Hey Tim,

show the TI calculator fan boys why HP RPN calcs are better, OK?


hpnut in Malaysia


Will do!!! I will certainly bring a WP34S and show how HP's machines can uniquely be totally reprogrammed on the firmware level AND with HP's blessings! No other calculator maker supports such a feature.


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Is Cyrille attending the conference by any long shot???




Is Cyrille attending the conference by any long shot???

Nope, HP is cutting down a lot on travel budget, so I am not going :-) But since it is close to the Fort Colins officies a lot of other people will be going!


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