HP 82066B charger question


Hi all!

Does anyone know if there's any concern in using the HP 82066B charger (210 to 250 V European type; don't know the other_countries part names) with HP-IL Printers as well as with HP-IL Digital Cassette Drives (the ones for the 41s, 71s that is) and HP-9114A/B Disk Drives?

Regards, Juergen



I use one 82066B with my 9114A Disk Drive. The specifications for many chargers are the same:
3 Watt (in some of them, it's 3 VA; if the power factor is closer to 1, they are about the same)
8 Vac

These specs - 8Vac, 3W - go to 82066B, 82040B and 82059B; these are the ones I have in hands.

Hope this helps.



Hi Luiz!

> Hope this helps.

It did! Thanks again!

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