[EXCLUSIVE FLASH] Infos about new HP Prime !


I found all caractesristics by searching for web domain about HP Prime :

Colour screen, CAS, RPN, 3D, infrared, SD card, ...

WOW !!


Apparently, HP Prime is described like a HP 50G with color screen.


I'm inclined to say that those specs are an april fool.

The specs seem sloppy as all hell, and given that HP has a new graphing calculator platform (used on the 39gII), with a much higher res display, I'd be surprised if they actually did a color 50g now.


RPN (RPL ?) will be an excellent new.
Color is the 'standart' now
but a screen 132x80 would be disappointing.


Color is the 'standart' now

Standard and stand-of-the-art are not related #-( BTW, I share the view it's an April fool's hoax.



Same here. I think is an April fool's hoax. We've had our share of those!!



I heard that it transforms into a Kenworth K100 lorry.






It is not April joke : 2nd of April and it is still online and serious.


Hello Mic,

Original: Mic: ...and it is still online and serious

I beg your pardon Mic, but this means really nothing, the fact that some information is online doesn't tells you about seriousity. The web is only a medium, like books, do you assert any information written in books is serious and non-fictional?



Are you conscious it is two online stores totally different.
What is a goal for an online store to put online a fake item page ?
Why is it very hard for some people to believe it ? Very suspicious you are. :p


Hello mic,

my last words about this subject:

Original from Mic: 
What is a goal for an online store to put online a fake item page...

... joking?


Edited: 2 Apr 2013, 4:31 a.m.


And ThinkGeek lists "canned unicorn meat" on their site, even though it was an April Fool's joke for 2010.

(Although they made it an actual product now, sort of. Now it's a stuffed unicorn, dismembered, in a can. The original joke wasn't an actual product.)

Doesn't mean it's not an April Fool's joke. (Especially because it's ThinkGeek, and they have a history on following through on their jokes with actual product - one of which was a product that was feasible and people legitimately wanted as a non-joke, the iCade. But the unicorn meat, even though you can order it now, is still a joke.)


One of my daughters has a can of this unicorn meat.

- Pauli


I ate one.. you mean it isn't real? :-|



I guess it's easy to be flippant when one knows the truth... :-)


This is very OT, but I purchased a set of those:

The Onion Gift boxes

My wife got her christmas present inside the "Umbrella" box. The expression of her face was epic :)

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