DM-1x Silver vs. DM-1xCC Aluminum quality?


Considering getting a DM-15 from Swiss Micros, and wondering what version I should get.

I don't care about the font differences (I can reflash the calc myself, and I don't care for the new thin font anyway), and I don't care about the titanium case, aluminum is fine. However, I do care about keyboard quality and overall build quality.

Anyone used both the Silver and the CC Aluminum, and able to comment on the quality of both?



I think the keyboard has improved over the first batch of calculators (I don't have one of those, so I can't really tell). But I have a second batch calculator and a silver edition one. There is no significant difference in the keyboards.


Alright, that answers my question. CC Aluminum (which I think is the third batch?) ordered!


I second this.

Also, titanium V12 is 55.4g (case is 29.5g) compared to 44.7g (case is 18.1g) aluminium V10 and has much better (bigger) RESET and PGM holes giving us case volume of 5.7 cubic cm.

Titanium (silver) version has welded screwposts compared to soldered and titanium screws (unexpectedly dropped from my magnetic screwdriver) vs steel ones.

My bare-metal version of silver DM-15C also lacks HP-15C help on the back side, but two plastic cards with the same info are available in the package, which could be glued-on (hopefully, but not self-adhesive version).

Since my aluninium DM-15C V10 is from the second batch (LPC1114/301), I would like to ask the owners of the third batch aluminium DM-15C - do they have large holes? (i.e., is it possible to use paper clip to press Reset/PGM)

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Hmm, I just had an idea for remedying the back side help issue, for anything that doesn't have it. (Adhesives are an ugly, ugly idea.)

Laser engraver. And, you can laser titanium...


Just got mine, and no, mine has small holes.

I went ahead and wrote up a review:


Thanks for your review!



Minor update to the review...

It's amazing how much nicer the calc is to use when it's REMOVED from the flip case. It really does get in the way of pushing the buttons on the edges (too close to them).


titanium screws


I bought both a DM-15 and a DM-16 about a couple of weeks ago. Both are Silver Edition (the DM-15 is metal; the DM-16 is blue anodized).

So far, I'm quite impressed with the DM-16; it took a little while to get used to the keyboard, but I certainly consider this to be a useful calculator.

Unfortunately, the keyboard on the DM-15 is more concerning. It works, but there's a very distracting crinkling sound when you press a key that suggests it might not last very long. That's just speculation; regardless, there does seem to be a QA issue here.


I think you should write to them and say just what you did here. They may have spot checked it hitting the 3 good keys and sent it out thinking all is well. They may be able to send you a good part from a calc that failed for another reason and everyone will be happy. Come on, admit it; you're looking for a reason to take it apart anyway.
They must want folks to be happy with their DMs or they wouldn't have bothered improving them each production run.


My DM-15CC has an area of the keypad that makes a little bit of a "crinkling" noise, due to the adhesive not quite sticking in one area. Honestly, if the edges aren't lifting, I don't think it'll affect the function of the calculator one bit.

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