Software for Reverse Polish Notation Calculator


Does anyone know of a legit reverse polish notation calculator--software download--for the PC? I'm not particular about financial versus scientific. I've tried two HP 12c downloads with no luck. Any advice would be much appreciated!


How about the WP 34S emulator? Get it with the release package from here.



If you search the Internet you will find many emulators for various HP models like the HP-15c, HP-11C, and HP-41CX. Also check this link in this site to see some emulators ad simulators.



I really, really like Thomas Okken's Free42, which I use on my work computer, both home computers, and iPhone to augment my real HP-42S. Since the HP-42S is my daily driver (supplemented from time to time by an HP-41CX and an HP-48G+), having Free42 on all my devices is indispensable. I also had Free42 on my old Palm T|X, but the Palm was taken in a break-in in January.

I also just downloaded WP34S to my work computer and iPhone, but haven't had much time to play with it yet. However, it looks great on both screens and appears to work as advertised. It has a lot of capabilities and deserves consideration.

At home I have a large collection of HP emulators and simulators, including one or more for the HP-41CX, HP48GX, HP12C, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not there to give you the actual names of the programs. I remember getting the HP48GX emulator from HPCALC.ORG, but the rest will have to wait until I get home.


Also see here in the archives on this site.

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