HP32Sii, missing dot row


I got a HP-32SII where on the 4 digit the leftmost dot column is inoperable. So 3 and 8 look the same.

Is there a chance to fix that?



I assume it is missing in all character positions. If so, it is possible that the calc has taken a physical shock that has bumped the pc board to lcd alignment out of whack. The board is held in position with 6 metal tabs that are twisted to lock the board down against the conductive rubber strips which make the electrical connection to the lcd.

I'm not sure of the pattern on the 32S, but I know on the 42S the lcd connections are on a 0.025" pitch. I suspect the 32S is not as fine, but any misalignment will cause a malfunction of the display. There is a small amount of play in the board to metal frame alignment which can be disturbed by shock if the tabs are not holding the board tightly.

You might be able to restore proper operation by:

1. Open the case.

2. Remove the pc board.

3. Check the zebra (conductive rubber) strips for placement.

4. Straighten and align the 6 metal tabs so the pc board will be centered in the metal frame.

5. Reinstall pc board.

I have found this to work on a 17Bii that had a similar problem. I am not sure of how the pioneers multiplex the lcd display lines, but it is possible that there is a bad display select line which would need a new cpu :( But, I suspect misalignment is the likely cause.

Paul Brogger's article in the archives details how to crack open a Pioneer:



Hi Randy!
Thank you very much for your detailded answer. It's only the leftmost column of the 4th digtit missing. I'll tell you when I was successful.



99.9% chance it is only one column of the display that has lost connection. It is not a mechanical shift problem as previously mentioned.

Just removing the pc board, cleaning the zebra strips and reinstalling should fix it. The interface between the LCD/zerba/PC board must be absolutely clean and free of all dirt and lint.

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