Review of the Fourier Thermometer for HP StreamSmart



Here is my first review of the Fourier probes to connect to the HP StreamSmart :
Se you soon for other probe reviews.


Nice review.

The probe is, as the Vernier probe for TI, in the form of a long metal rod. ... The cables are thick.

Monsieur! You are talking about measuring, aren't you? So how long is long? How thick is thick?



I take my ruler...


And may I ask if you know the price asked for such probes, like voltage, thermometer, current, etc ?

Do you know if they could be made using only simple components, like PTCs or NTCs for thermometer probe; resistors for voltage and current probes; or do them need some kind of digital control, like ADCs to communicate with the StreamSmart?

Best regards,

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There are some that have digital controls and others that don't. Both digital and analog probes are supported. I think the most common are analog. The probes are sensed by a specific resistance that is unique to each probe.

As to the exact electricals inside however I really don't have much knowledge as I've never tried to figure it out. :-)


Hi, Tim

There are some of these StreamSmart on Ebay for sale, at very attractive prices, but, I couldn't find the probes there. So my questions about them. In the Fourier's site, I couldn't get complete information about probes, but I saw that some ones get the accuracy on bits terms (12 bits most of them), so, I realize that these use digital interface, but, no more information.
Where did you buy your probes?


I didn't... :-)

The streamer reports the information in bits, but I believe the majority of the probes return information to the box as analog data which then converts it.



Olá Artur,

In case you haven't found this information, here it is:

(Thanks Mic for the link


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