HP35s scientific calculator


I downloaded programs for conversion of rectanhular to polar and polar to rectangular from thr geocalc website. The rectangular to polar works but the polar to rectangular doesn't seem to work. Is there something missing in the program or am I inputing data incorrectly?


Please try these programs, which are a community effort and well tested:



Definitely those two. They handle the stack properly, preserve LastX, work regardless of flag settings and retain all flag settings. They are a nice example of mixing equations and RPN keystrokes.

- Pauli


I have placed the programs in the 35s and the rect to polar works fine (using XEQP002 to start the program). When I use the polar to rect (using XEQ R002 to start the program) the program runs but does not give the correct answer. Am I missing a step somewhere? Is there a space somewhere in the program? Greg


When I use the polar to rect (using XEQ R002 to start the program) the program runs but does not give the correct answer.

1. Just enter XEQ R ENTER, and you'll jump to R001

2. Maybe you mixed up the order of the arguments? x has to be in the x-register, so enter angle, x, and then execute the program

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