HP 300S+


Sorry if this is a dup. I searched the forum multiple times, but it didn't show up.

Thanks to you guys, I ended up collecting calculators :) Of course, I budget about $10~$20 for my toys. The latest purchase was ti-68 and hp 300s+, which I received today.

The HP 300S+ seems to be the same calculator as Casio FX-115ES, with some features not present (maybe another version of the fx-115es family?). The keyboard layout is similar with slight differences.

On the other hand, ti-68 is an interesting calculator, the keyboard is overloaded with functions. Hard to focus at first glance :)

enjoy your day.


If the 300s+ is like the 300s, it's exactly the same as the FX115ES but more horrible.

Do the buttons work properly on the 300s+? I found it very easy to mis-key on the 300s as they didn't always register keypresses.


The latest purchase was ti-68

Where did you find a ti-68? At that price? I've been looking for a good one for quite some time, but I haven't been lucky...
The 68 was my first "nice" calculator, back in high school, I was so excited about it! :) I'd like to have one again...


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