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My HP48GX is really going wacko. It operates so slow, I could compare it to a pentium 66 running windows XP. Is it possible that it has static electricity stored? I took an airplane ride back home and since then it takes forever to do anything. But it's working. It never seems to want to finish the selftest, so I can't same if it passes it.
Anyone out there could tell me what to do?


First save your data on PC.
Memory clear with ON/A/F.
Same problem with speed?


Yep tried all that. Even the reset under the rubber foot.
Just as slow. Yesterday it was giving a problem with the number 2. It would take forever to register the 2. I left the batteries out for about 5 hours and the 2 doesn't give any problems again. But now it's really slow.



Try this:

switch the calculator to ON;
press and hold [ON] key;
press and hold [D] key;
release [ON];
release [D];

The calcualtor enters in interacticve test mode. Now press [MTH] key; you'll see:[pre]
ESD 210V 210V
|| ||[pre]ESD stands for ElectroStatic Discharge. See if there's any warning message and try the calculator again.

To get rid off the test screeen, do it:;
press and hold [ON] key;
press and hold [C] key;
release [ON];
release [C];

To be honest, I am not sure if this is a test for ESD or an internal ESD procedure. Well, let's see what's gonna happen!



You're the best. It started to beep for 5-10 seconds and now it works like a charm. Thanks a million. This forum is tops.


That's what we're here for, my friend.

Thanks for you feedback.

Keep posting!



How about posting this tip in the articles forum to make it easier to find in the future?


Hi, Randy;

thank you for your support.

The (brief) article is already there. I'd like to hear from you, guys, if there is anything else to add or anything to change/correct.

Best regards from Brazil.

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