HP-41 LCDs


Can I replace a halfnut LCD from a fullnut?



read please here , hope it helps.

.....seems, the answer, NO

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No they are completely different, and replacing the LCD in a halfnut is a big job. It requires lifting the keyboard PCB so all of the heat stakes have to be clipped back to allow for removal of the keyboard card. I have done it a couple times and if you want to go that route I would recommend that you not clip the heat stakes off flush with the board but rather trim off the edges of the top so that a bit of the top still is above the board. When I reassembled I secured the board with a drop of epoxy glue on the top of each of the clipped back heat stakes.

You should also be aware that there are ROMs in the hybrid circuit on the display module in a halfnut, so the CX display module is not the same as a CV, however the glass part of the display module is the same.

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