[41CL] Power_CL: YFNZ or YFNP


What CL Extra Functions image should be used with Power_CL? YFNZ or YFNP? Or both?

The Power_CL documentation is not clear.

"This module is designed to enhance and complement the YFNP function set, providing easier access to the many powerful capabilities of the 41CL platform."

" A launcher of launchers' sits atop these, providing quick access to 75 YFNP and other functions from a single key assignment."

"POWER_CL is designed to work paired with the XROM #15 version of YFNZ."

If I am using YFNZ, then the YCRC is not avialable. It is normally in YFNP. I looked for an equivalent function in the Power_CL image, and could not find one. If I want to use Power_CL, and I want to use YCRC, then do I need to plug both YFNZ and YFNP in simultaneously?


I normally keep YFNP plugged in, because I use the IMDB functions much more often that the Memory Buffer functions. The Power-CL image provides access to the Memory Buffer functions if you want both groups available at the same time.


The Power_CL is meant to be used with the YFNP module. It even includes those functions from the YFNS (or YFNZ) that were removed from the YFNP, so there's no compromises.

This is mentioned on page 32 of the manual, under the section "Left over functions reloaded"

It will work ok with the YFNS module as well, all except the IMDB launcher of course. The only requirement is that the XROM id# must be 15.


Thanks for the clarifications. If you do future revisions of the manual, I recommend revising the last line of page 7 from:

"WARNING: POWER_CL is designed to work paired with the XROM #15 version of YFNZ."


"WARNING: POWER_CL is designed to work paired with YFNP. If the IMDB functions are not required, then the XROM #15 version of YFNZ will also work."




To clear up some of the confusion about YFNZ versus YFNS, starting with version -3C the two versions CAT differently, as YFNZ and YFNS. I originally kept the same CAT identity so that I would only have to keep track of one source file, but now that things are pretty-much stable I've split them.


If you do future revisions of the manual, I recommend revising the last line of page 7

will do, thanks for the feedback.

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