Simple? programming question [WP34S]


Greetings, I am trying to make the A,B,C & D hotkey feature of the WP34S work as unit conversion keys. I would like to have a value in the X register, then Hit the (A) key and have a custom conversion program ( MM to IN ) and/or hit the (B) key and have my IN to MM conversion run. Can I do this, or is not really the way the hotkey is supposed to work? Thanks in advance for your reply(s).


This should work:

001 LBL A
002 SDR 001
003 cm->inches
004 RTN
005 LBL B
006 inches->cm
007 SDL 001
008 RTN

Edited: 15 Mar 2013, 11:17 a.m.


I was using END instead of RTN.
It is working now.
Thank You Didier.


Hotkeys are local labels (as in the HP-41C), so the ones separated from the current program counter position by an END are out of reach.

See the “Labels” section under “PROGRAMMING YOUR WP 34S” in the manual.

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