[43s] : How the solver will be implemented


Hello Walter and Pauli,

Just curious : Will the solver be implemented like the one in the WP 34s or more like the one in the 42s or the 35s that allows to solve for a particular variable?

Thanks and regards,


N.B. Always enjoying my WP34s, and bringing two more adepts: my daughters. :-)


We have a better display and more memory so we might be able to implement a user interface similar to the 42S. But that's still to be discussed.


Both? And perhaps the 32sii solve an equation.

We had a very brief discussion about this a while back but didn't really reach anything firm.

- Pauli

Edited: 14 Mar 2013, 5:42 p.m.


Buenas tardes, Miguel.

There will be a solver :-)
Its UI will be discussed but isn't yet.
And thanks for the new adepts - that's what RPN needs pretty urgently.


Edited: 14 Mar 2013, 6:11 p.m.

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