Help! HP-41CX Programing


I need to enter characters into Alpha strings during program entry which are not accessible directly from the keyboard. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I know how to use XTOA in normal mode, but how do I do something equivalent during program entry?

For example I want a program line which is:

016 [,] - where the character codes are 91 44 93

I am sure it must be something simple I have missed in the manual!

Thanks, Gordon.


Hi, Gordon;

One option is using synthetic programming, say, you enter any character in there, then you substitute it for another by using synth comands. Also, you can save it in the extended memory and use functions available in modules such HEPAX, CCD and others that allow direct manipulation of fikles. Another way that needs extra equipment is downloading the program (HPIL) to a file in your computer, change the code in there and load it back.

Except for the synthetic code (I do not know how to do it, but I have once used synth programming in... 1987?) or the extra functions available in some modules, I cannot think of an easy way to type a non-standard character as a program line.



Dear Gordon,
I use to print bar codes for HP-41 (user program w/ or w/o
synthetic lines, data, NNN, MCode routine, functions, SP
intructions, characters).
Do you have an HP82153A Optical Wand? I can scan some BC
sheets and send them attached to a mail.
You can also load codes with a program named 'LB. Synthetic
instructions can be created with the help of the famous
Byte Grabber.
How are things in United Kingdom? Always there?
Yours. Regards from Normandy.

The program I am trying to type in is the Fruit Machine Game for HP-41C out of the HP-41C Program Library in this museum.

I am stuck at lines 016, 018, 026.

I do not have a wand or PC connection.

Maybe I am suck unless I get one!

Thanks for the help anyway.

Regards, Gordon


Dear Gordon,
I see what you mean:
016 ££ ;Reel symbol 4
018 [,] ;SP Reel symbol 5
026 (,) ;SP Reel symbol 9
I have to plug my HP82973A HP-IL/PC card in and download the raw file. Don't worry, be happy!


Hi, Grdon;

I read the page for the Fruit Machine (it took me all of this time to post because we had a blackout in the neigbohrhood) and it's written :

"Synthetic Programming (SP) is only cosmetic, used for fancy Tones and reel symbols – you can easily substitute standard characters and tones in the lines indicated below"

Have you already tried this?



Cosmetic only? That guy must be joking -- or he has never learned enough to understand its power.



Hi, Ernie;

Just to add that it seems to me he was refering to the use of Synth Ciodes for that particular purpose.

I'd write: "In this game, the use of SP is cosmetic only..."

Best regards.



I didn't mean to start an argument!

In the context of this program it is unimportant, but I might try to learn some Synthetic Programming, I'm sure it will be useful for other "serious" tasks.



In my experiance with SP, I found that it was a great way to get the 41C to do some very nice things. But after the Extended Fuctions Module and then the 41CX came out, SP feats could be done as well or better with the standard built-in commands.


Thanks, I have substituted other characters and its working.

It's just a bit of frivolous entertainment! But fun to see what the Hp-41 can do.



Hi Gordon,

As you're in Britain (I haven't worked out where),
if you're ever passing through London on the second
Saturday of a month, do drop in on an HPCC meeting,
and you'll be able to talk about HP-41 Synthetic
Programming and lots else. One of us could even
type that awkward character into your program on the
spot :-) See for further details
of the club.

Best Regards,

Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz

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