Looking for HP 49G ug and aug in French (pdf)


I am looking for HP 49G user's guide and advanced user's guide in French (pdf).
Problem when downloading:
Other languages are welcome. Thanks for assistance.


Hi, Emmanuel;

I sent you both (a series of zipped files) aug and ug in French yesterday at night. Did you get them?

If not, let me know so I'll send them again. I also have German, Portuguese and English. Is there anyone of these you want too? (the English ug is a bit different of the one that comes with the calculator; a few details, only)

I'm posting here because if you did not receive the files you'd probably not receive the e-mail.

Best regards from Brazil (I like the way you finish your posts...)

Luiz C. Vieira


Dear Luiz Claudio,
Really nice from you. Interested in getting German ones too.
I downloaded Spanish, English and Portugese on www.hp.com.
Yours. Regards from Normandy.


Hi, Emmanue'l;

I'm e-mailing them ASAP; if nothing is wrong, I'll do it tonight.

Best regards (from Brazil).


Thanks. ;o)

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