Athana DC100A Tapes


I have asked Athana ( for some DC 100A tapes but have had no answer. Anyone knows whether these guys are still alive? Is it possible to find DC100A tapes today in another place ?


I've used DC1000 tapes in place of the DC100A tapes in the 9815 and 9825 machines. They're easier to find, longer and work just as well.


The cheaper DC1000 tapes I have found sell for 80USD each!
Pretty expensive!


Finally Athana has been so kind to send a list of prices. You can buy as many tapes as you want for $52 each. Not cheap, but at least there is still a source for new tapes. Does anyone remember how much did cost a DC 100A cartridge in 1982?


$80, that sounds like an ebay price.
Here's a better price.

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I have contacted them. Cant believe there is such huge price difference on eBay.

Thank you!


I was at the Weird Stuff warehouse in Santa Clara a few weeks back and bought about 10 QIC tapes, most new, for $1 each. So far they all work fine in my HP-85, which admittedly has had Larry Atherton's tape mechanism upgrade.

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