HP-67 Emulators for iPad


Has anyone checked out the new emulators that came out this month (March 2013) for iPad: RPN-67 Pro and RPN-67 Free ? I bought the Pro a week ago and like it a lot. Price is very reasonable. Also a separate developer has come out with an HP-67 emulator for iPhone.


Thanks for sharing! I bought the Pro version too. It is very nice. Excellent work!!! The emulator looks very nice and the card loading feature is very advanced, showing the listing and instructions. It's fun to use!



That's the most impressive HP emulator I've ever seen!


Indeed!!! The developer has put a lot of work into it!


The same developer previously came out with very nice emulations of the HP-45 and HP-70. The HP-67 one is his first programmable one.


It sure is impressive. Fun to be able to watch the contents of the registers change while a program runs. I wonder who will be the first to write a program that fills up the 999 memory steps?

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