32S batteries


My calculator stopped working after many years and I replaced the 3 batteries with Duracell 357's, the same diameter, thickness, and voltage (1.5V) as the original LR 44'S. But the system still doesn't activate. Is it possible that the type is that critical or is more likely that the unit has finally died?
Thanks for your input.



I do not think it has died. Please try this:

Remove the batteries an connect (shorten) both contacts for about 3 seconds. Insert the batteries again and try. If this it not working - sell it on ebay ;-)

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Actually, HP recommends shorting the ends of the battery stack for one second WHILE THEY ARE IN THE MACHINE.



is there a difference between shorten contacts with and shorten contacts without batteries from an electrical point of view ? I dont think so - there is a capacity in the calculator which needs to discharged ...



Thank you. Your idea worked!

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