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Does anyone know the latest ROM version of the HP 48gII?
I know there are two versions of this calculator. The first version seems much maligned, so I scoured the 'net for a copy of the second version for my collection. This second version has 256K memory (instead of the 80K ver. 1), uses 4 AAA batteries like the 50G, (instead of 3 like ver. 1) and has an improved keyboard. Must be made on the same style as the latest 49G+ units and the 50G.

Anyway, back to the ROM. When I type in "VERSION", this is what I get:
Version HP48-C
Revision #2.08
Copyright HP 2006

Is that the latest one, or has anyone found a newer one? Overall the calc seems like a nice unit (this version 2 model, anyway.) If only HP could have come out with something like this for their lower end model and the 50G for the high end model back when they gave us the 49G, things would have been SO much different.
Just makes me shake my head and wonder...the technology was clearly there, not sure why they waited so long to put out a couple decent units - there surely must have been plenty in the coffers to build the 48gII (Version 2) and 50G from the success of the 48S,SX, 48G,G+,GX models back in 1999-2000ish era!


Congrats on finding a 48gii with four AAAs and improved keyboard. Is the keyboard as nice as a 50g? My HP Holy Grail is a 49g+ with four AAAs and a decent keyboard.

I've been looking for a 48gii with four AAAs as well, so do you mind me asking where you got it? Hopefully 'in stock' somewhere as opposed to auction or craigslist.

Sorry I have no info on a ROM for the 48gii.

Best regards,



Is that the latest one, or has anyone found a newer one?

Mine uses three triple-A cells and says "Version HP49-C Revision #1.23 Copyright HP 2003"
The thing itself is labelled hp 48gII and "made in China" and absolutely not a real delight to use, mainly due to the keyboard. In the display, numbers "3" and "8" are very hard to distinguish.


NB: I paid 20 Euros for it or 19 too much ;-) The one Euro is for the pouch.

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Thanks for the replies. Looks like this may be the newest ROM then, will be interesting to see if anyone else joins in the discussion.

To answer your question about the keyboard - yes, this is the best one yet, closest keys of the new calculators to my favorite HP 48GX that I have used. There is no mistaking when you have hit a key, and it gives a good light "clunk" sound and feel when released after being fully depressed.
To be fair, I do not own a 50G yet, but I expect the 50G keyboard must be the same or at least very close to this late model version 2 of the HP 48gII.

Unfortunately I bought it on ebay, so I don't know anywhere that has the late model in stock. I think I got a very good deal, as I paid $29 shipped to me, I have definitely seen the new model of the 48gII go for more.
Some may still be for sale at www.amazon.com, but be sure to send the seller a note and ask if it takes 3 or 4 AAA batteries before you buy one. The newer, better model takes 4! :-)
One other thing, this version of the 48gII has BOTH serial and USB ports on the top. Does the first version have both ports too? I was under the impression that the first version may only have the serial port, and if that is true, then that is another good way to tell them apart.

On that note though - if you can't get the 48gII version 2 calc cheap enough, I could see just going for the 50G. Surely the 50G is better in every way, right? And the prices have come down for new ones.

My collection is growing, I think you all are a bad influence! :-) haha! So far the 48GX, 49G, 49G+, and this 48gII version 2.
Now I just need to find a 48SX in my price range, and then someday get a 50G as well. I figure I'll get the 50G last, because they are still sold new, and won't be going anywhere for awhile. :-)


Thank you for answering my question about where you purchased.

I own a 50G and a three batt. 49g+ (with a fairly 'high' serial number) and many other 48Gs. I am always looking for four batt. 49g+ or 48gii calcs, when I have time, so I'm glad we didn't compete on the auction. As recommended, I always ask about batt. count and serial num. whenever I am hunting.

I read quite a few posts on comp.sys.hp48, and all mention your v2.08 ROM as latest and greatest, and most of those posts come from none other than TW. Some as recent as 2010. I am pretty sure you have the latest ROM, but I would keep asking until TW (or maybe E Rechlin) say that's it.


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I don't think HP ever published any ROM files for the 48gII. That was mostly before my time, but I haven't seen any floating around anywhere in the source repositories at least. My guess is the 2.08 is the last for it.



Thanks for pitching in TW, I guess that answers it. I won't worry about any updates then.

This version 2 model seems to be a pretty good unit. Too bad it didn't hit the market first, because I don't think there would be near as many poor reviews on it! :-)


I have both versions of the 48gii. My 4-battery version has the same ROM as yours.

The new version has 4 batteries, serial AND USB, 256k of memory vs. 128(?). It also has the equation library, which I think the first version lacked. Because there are so many differences, I'm surprised that HP didn't give them different model numbers.

I've always been a fan of the 48gii because it gave so many features at such a great price.



Hi Dave,
So in this 2nd version of the 48gII - is it missing any capability when compared to the 50G? Or is it just slower CPU clock speed, smaller screen, and less RAM; but otherwise the same capability built-in?


The Hp 48gii (newest version) is a near clone of the Hp 50g except for no SD card slot, RAM at 256K, non-flashable ROM and a slide on cover. The slide on cover is actually better for many as it is very tough and durable and keeps the keyboard from getting a workout in a book bag. It also comes with both serial ports, the original only came with RS-232 and NOT usb. I am not sure it is clocked at a slower rate than the 50G. The first version was half the speed of a 49G+/50G.

The newer version is a big step up from the first version. Aside from the SD card and volitile RAM, it is as nice as a 50G, if you are a student with a back pack, maybe better. The calculator travels better with a slide on cover vs the bulky case of a 50G.


Thanks for the information, that makes sense. As you say, the second version seems like an ideal RPN student model. Although, if they got the price of the 50G down so much like they have, then maybe they figure everyone would rather just buy a 50G?

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