Totally OT ... Pi Day for my car



On my way home I looked at the odometer and the number seemed oddly familiar, so I had to stop and take a photo :-) Quite a lot of kilometers for an Italian car whose brand name starts with "F" but does not end with "errari"... but it is only a teenager compared to our calculators!



And that's how you tell a mathematician from a computer scientist: Years ago I took a photo when my odometer read 65535; never even noticed Pi fly by.


3941 km/h - you sure it's not a supersonic plane?



3941 km/h - you sure it's not a supersonic plane?

394.1km/h - just taking breath - will switch to the analog scale when exceeding 999.9 and going up to 28,000km/h.



394.1km/h - just taking breath - will switch to the analog scale when exceeding 999.9 and going up to 28,000km/h.

I really submitted my application for the last ESA astronaut selection in 2008, no kidding! That would have been my one and only chance to see 28,000km/h on some display in front of me. Unfortunately, I was well beyond the age limit already.

But this 394 figure looks familiar too, this is more or less what I see on the screen at work (in a different unit though: KT - behind TAS which means not eBay in my world):

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Hmmh, reminds me we skipped a conversion in WP 34S: knots <-> km/h. Most potential customers of it will probably know a knot being a nautical mile per hour, however. It's the only sector I wished the Soviet Union having been more powerful - pushing SI units in flight applications. Alas, we still classify flight levels in units of royal feet of Henry VIII ...



3941 km/h - you sure it's not a supersonic plane?


I was going to notice that 394,1 is shown by the trip km counter, while I realized that it was just a joke......;)

By the way pleasured and honoured if I think that somebody in the world still enjoy italian cars made by F... and not FERRARI!

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What model is it? 280 scale looks unusual to me.



Just a guess, while we don't have the answer:

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Just a guess ...

Excellent guess, you even got the colour right!
Over the years (it's been out of production for more than ten years now with only 50.000 or so bulit) it has gathered a worldwide group of followers around itself not unlike this calculator group here. But i'm not really interested in cars so I'm not an active member of any such group. The designer of this car, American Chris Bangle, went from Fiat to BMW and "ruined" a whole decade of their cars according to true BMW enthusiasts...


Fast and beautiful car! It must be a joy driving it on the Autobahn. The fastest I've ever driven was 186 km/h last year, more than 50% above the speed limit, risking to get a $300 fine.

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Just arrived in Frankfurt and AVIS gave me a Mercedes C class.
German Autobahn on a Sunday morning. Empty! 214 km/h ;-))



I love this car ;)

My italian car which begin by F... and is not a Ferrari has 254.000 km. I hope to get the PI.10^5 number ;)

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You're only 100 meters away from

e*pi10 - pi*102 - pi/4*(pi*102 + 1)
pi*105 is more visually appealing, however.

What a great landmark. This comes for cars once in their life time.


This comes for cars once in their life time.

Maybe not!? One of the most optimistic statements I have ever seen in print was in the manual for my parents Volvo station wagon (from the late 70s or early 80s): "Your Volvo odometer will go to 999999 and start over again."!

Actually, there is a Volvo P1800 which has around 2 million miles on it. (and which Volvo loves to brag about!)


You must be lucky.

I own a F*** of the following type:

It stands for "Fix It Again Tony" around here.

Saying that, 31,415 miles went past unnoticed (apart from a new timing chain, most of the electrics replaced, transmission replaced, exhaust replaced twice). It won't get to 314,159 miles unless it's horse drawn...

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It stands for "Fix It Again Tony" around here.

Fiat arrived in Brazil in 1976. The first Fiat 147s were not nearly as reliable as the cars from the other brands here then (VW, Fort and Chevrolet). As a result, people soon found an alternative meaning for the acronym: "Fui Iludido, Agora é Tarde" (I've been fooled, now it's too late).

P. S.: There is another I had forgotten about:

"Fábrica Italiana Atrapalhando o Trânsito" (Italian factory ruining the traffic)

and this one in German I've just found:

"Fehler In Allen Teilen" (defects in every part")

All these keep me from buying Fiat, even though they are not true anymore (So far I've had GM, Ford and VW cars only).

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That's hilarious and very true. Thanks for posting!

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