my 41C is making a high pitched beep?


Every key i press, even the on button emits a high pitched beep. I cleared all audible flags, but it still does it. Any suggestions? Thanks


Please make it beeping with the following command:
I think it will work well after that.


Thanks, but it still is beeping with every keystroke


Did you try a MEMORY LOST?
Did you remove battery too?
Where do you live? In France or Canada?


Actually California, but my parents were from Toronto. I tried all of that, still no luck. I am beginning to think that the calc is broken....


I have some experience in fixing HP-41s. Which model is it? C, CV or CX? Fullnut or Halfnut? MAy I help you, I have spare parts of HP-41s. S&H not heavy from US? You have my email.


If you have CF 26 and then BEEP it do not think it will help as that makes the HP41 silent. Any BEEP or TONE that will make a sound (SF 26 first) should make the high pitched sound go away.
The high pitched sound is usually the result of garbage (non-zero) in the internal T register which used for making sound. Any normal beep/tone will put 0 in T when done.
If that does not help, then you probably have a hardware problem. Some remove battery battery trick might help, if you are lucky.



I have an at least similar "phenomenon" encountered on my HP-41C. This unit "sounds" a very high pitched tone when an arbitrary module is plugged into certain ports (contact problem?). So, if you have any module(s) installed, de-install it (them) and try again.

Regards, Juergen

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