A cheaper way to add to your collection


Hi all,
I recently had a request for some prints from my online COLLECTION

The easiest way to do that (apart from print on high quality paper and post) was to upload some selected images to Redbubble. I've now uploaded a few images that anyone can buy (for a very low price) - you can purchase the images as postcards, greeting cards or photographic prints. I've ordered a few and will use them to send to some of my 'brainy' friends! Note, I haven't done this to earn bucket loads of money - I only receive a tiny fraction of the sale price, Redbubble get the bulk, and even this is mostly production costs. It's just a great way to share images in a more permanent way (rather than just online).

The images can be found HERE - at this stage I only have 6 images up:

- HP75C, HP67, HP29C, HP34C, HP28S, and clear cased 28S

Enjoy! Cheers, Keith


As much as I appreciate the calculator pictures, "tree dreaming" is fantastic! "The last branch" is a wonderful picture also.




Thanks Gerson, my most popular photo on Redbubble is Chocolate & More Cats - this is from my mother-in-law's chocolate shop and she sells them a a souvenir.

The Last Branch came equal second in 'the best digital aminal' category in the Better Digital Camera competition last year.

I never actually intended to upload calculator photos to Redbubble, but here we are, and thanks to those who purchased some yesterday!!

Cheers, Keith

Edited: 6 Mar 2013, 2:28 p.m.


OK I just added two more photos - Lloyd's 501 and Sharp PC-1600

If anyone has any specific requests for images to be available on the Redbubble site then please let me know, or reply in this thread. Note i've not uploaded some of the most popular shots from my museum site as I don't think they are 'good' enough (not quite in focus, poor DoF, bad lighting, etc). I will consider redoing them 'properly' though.

Cheers, Keith

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