HP 39gii Stuck Again!


It seems like every other month my HP 39gii gets stuck. I try the reset procedure (ON+F3), take the batteries out and re-insert them, but to no avail. The calculator gets stuck on the loading screen and just stays there.

The HP 39gii ROM needs an update. I am not always near my computer to have to reload the ROM (and reprogram the lost programs).

This and the CASE command that does nothing is what makes a rather nice calculator frustrating to use. As a result, I was planning a programming series on my blog - but I am going to have to either delay or cancel it.

Thanks for your patience.


Hold down the backspace key on boot.



Interesting key procedure.
Personnaly, I have no problem with my HP39gII.

Eddie > what is your firmware version ?

A new version should be released in May...


I think the latest version: September 14(?) 2012


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