Recharging original batteries in HP 45, 65 and 25


Is there any chance that the original batteries in my HP 45, 65 and 25 can be safely recharged? Or am I risking burst batteries? All show small signs of corrosion at the terminals, but in some cases it is just at the terminals.
Is there anyone on this forum who happens to be in the Twin Cities and has spare battery packs I can use for testing?


I wouldn't try and use old batteries. You can go to that popular auction site (referred to here as TAS) and get new rechargeable battery packs for the 45 and 65. Just search for "hp 45 batteries calculator". For the 25, you can take the battery pack apart and put AA batteries in it. Check the batteries section of this website for more info. Here is a photo of the proper polarity for the HP25.


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