How do I upload to programs to HP 39GII ?



I need some assistance in tranfering files to the HP 39GII.

I'm trying to upload some programs to the calculator on Windows 7, but didn't succeed. I understand that this is not possible with the current revision of the connectivity kit (rev. 18543), but it seems that there is some trick with the emulator which I don't know and which makes it possible.

Please excuse my ignorance if there is an obvious solution, but I have no clue what to do.



I found a PDF-document on CALC-Bank describing the procedure and after some tries I succeeded. I had to send the file from the program catalogue in the emulator to the real calculator.

Shouldn't this be mentioned in the EMULATOR_HELP_XXX.pdf documents coming with the emulator, as well?

BTW: Is there a way to transfer files under linux, too?


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