Scientific American adverts and articles


Can anyone email me scans of the Scientific American adverts or articles referred to in the museum books page?

Gordon Dyer


I have the September 1977 issue of Scientific American, but there's nothing in it about HP calculators that I can find. And the usual HP calculator ad from back then is conspicuously absent in this issue, most likely because there's a big TI ad for their 58 and 59. There are some small ads selling HP calculators, but these just have prices and there's one American Express ad with an HP-80 in it.

I don't know why Dave cited this issue.


Katie, thanks for checking the magazine, I guess there are others with the big ads in.

If anyone else has a Scientific American with informative HP calulator adverts I would be very interested in a scan.


I think these are the ones he means.


Thanks for pointing out the museum advert page, I should have found it myself! A lot of the things I was looking for are there, but I also hoped to see the original scans from Sci Am.


just now bought the February '87 issue of Scientific American; inside front cover and first page is a two part
advertisement for the HP28C; scanning in a little bit.
how do i post the darn jpg's here? i suppose i have to write HTML code in my post? either that or i just post a
link to my webpage (but i would rather it was a hyperlink
than a mere text link).
by the way, i passed on another edition of Scientific American that had a two page ad on the "HP Portable"; what
model was this, and should i go pick this up for the museum
folks? looks more like a PC than any calc oriented HP.
carson city, nv


here is page 1 of the two page ad; fairly large, but keeps
the detail intact; please copy now!


here is page two of the HP28C ad.


i will be pulling these two scans off my page soon - get them now if you want them!
carson city, nv


Great scans Barry! Thanks for posting them, and I hope they are of interest to many others too.

If anuone else hase more then post them in here for us all...

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