HP41 Unit conversion program?


As the subject says, I'm looking for a unit conversion program like in the 48 series.
Is something like this implemented in some ROM?
Or is there code for this available somewhere?

Thanx in advance, Peter...


I improved one for my Calc41 environment on PC.
Which unit would you like to use? It's easy to write it.


metric to metric would be good for me! (i can never remember the conversions)


If you may use ROMs (in a RAMBOX or in an emulator) use the Thermal Transport ROM or the Petrol ROM.



The unit conversion routines are implemented in both the Petroleum Fluids Pac and the Thermal & Transport Science Pac. The former has, in my opinion, a much better implementation: you just enter the units to be converted separated with a dash in the alpha register and then execute the CON function. However, it is written in machine language and cannot be copied unless you have a ROM box or an Hepax module. Same thing for the Thermal Pac.

Petroleum Fluids Pacs appear every now and then in eBay. Thermal & Transport Science Pacs are much rarer.


Hmm, it's just what I suspected: Try to get a suitable ROM. Well, now I at least know WHAT to look after. German ebay's not flooded with ROMs but maybe I will have some luck.

Thanx, Peter...

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