WP34S Manual is here!


UPS just dropped the WP34S manual. It looks awesome!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Edited: 27 Feb 2013, 4:41 p.m.


Received my 2 copies today also. Beautiful. And the person to whom I gave the 2nd copy (I also gave this person, an HP-41CX user, a WP-34S for Christmas) likes it VERY much.

Walter, thanks for a fine effort. You picked a good service for the publishing, too.



Mine,too. It looks great! Big thanks for this.


Mine arrived this morning. Great book, thanks!


Received mine too!!! Great product(ion).


Mine arrived today....this is not only a fine manual, but in many ways it pays tribute to HP calculators. This is definitely an essential book for HP fans.



Received my manual today and I am impressed. I totally agree with Jake's comments and would go even further to say this book is of interest to virtually all readers of this forum.

If you are a WP 34S user and have been wondering if you should get it, don't hesitate, you won't be sorry.

Many updates and improvements, useful (and interesting) Appendices, beautiful layout with great color, clear print and good cover/binding.

Awesome job Walter!!

The only question is how do we update this thing if a conflicting update should be needed?? (Should be interesting to see these update procedures... cut and paste almost certainly required)

--bob prosperi


We're in bug fix only mode at present. There shouldn't be any need to change the manual.

- Pauli


bug fix should translate to errata sheet in case of errors found in the printed manual.

But Walter has done a terrific job and there should be no errors left in the manual :-)


Merci & thanks, folks! d:-)

Little human work is as perfect as the wheel. There's at least one (1) error I found on p.101: LINEQS lives in MATRIX, of course (not in X.FCN). Rats!



There's another error, albeit a minor one, in footnote 68, page 118: 'segunda feira' should be hyphenated ('segunda-feira'). I think it was present in previous versions of the WP 34S manual, so it was my fault not reading it and having spotted it earlier. Should there ever be a second edition of the book, I would suggest adding an index.


Obrigado para sua mensagem :-) I'm pretty sure that was a very old error of mine (I don't really understand why it's hyphenated) - anyway it's corrected now.

And about the index: maybe it will come with a 43S manual but I don't promise; it's simply a lot of work indexing each and every keyword and you won't gain much for the commands. I think the alphabetic IOP in the present manual is a good compromise. Of course YMMV.



(I don't really understand why it's hyphenated)

Segunda-feira is a compound noun made up by the words segunda (second) and feira, which has acquired a distinct meaning, a day of the week (Monday). The following phrase shows the difference:

A segunda feira acontece às sextas-feiras. (The second fair is held on Fridays.)

There are oddities, however, like the name of these two flowers:

bem-me-quer (forget-me-not) and

malmequer (marigold)

The literal meaning of the former is close to "(he/she) wishes me well", the latter has an opposite meaning. I have no idea why one is hyphenated and the other is not. Not sure whether grammarians do :-)

There is also an expression involving both words, as you can see here:


The French, Romanian, Spanish and Dutch versions are similar, it appears.


Obrigado uma vez mais!



So much for a weak attempt at humor Pauli. The comment about updating the manual via cut and paste was only a bad joke.

--bob prosperi


I just received my book today, sincere congratulations to Walter and the entire team, this is an outstanding job ! Really mandatory for any "serious" (or addicted) WP34S fan !

Kind regards,

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